You might need to grab some sunglasses because a trend worth trying is BRIGHT! We are loving all the amazing bright and colorful pieces in yellows and oranges that often shows up as a fun summer fashion trend.  Not sure that bright colors are for you to wear? Well, first that's just silly.  You can pull anything off! But just know you can start off small with any fashion trend you aren't completely sure about.  Start by wearing a fun bright accessory or a top in a hue you enjoy.  Soon enough your whole wardrobe will be full of "look at me!" bright pieces!

Below we have pulled together our favorite bright pieces in prints, orange and yellow.  So, make sure to take advantage of this cool bright trend before fall fashion creeps its way into our lives again!


Summer neon bright color fashion

1. Fiji Floral V-Neck Blouse, $58

2. Bohemian Dress Floral Maxi Dress, $108

3. Sunburst Floral Babydoll Dress, $68

4. Mira Mar Floral Midi Skirt, $68

Fashion trend of summer brights fashion.

1. Esme Sleeveless Maxi Dress, $78

2. Renna Ruffle Tank in Neon Coral, $32

3. Hot Tropics Midi Wrap Dress, $58

4. Ella Animal Blouse, $52

Fashion trend we love is summer neon brights.

1. Nattie Triblend Tee in Limelight, $44

2. Riley Lace Dress in Sunflower, $58 

3. Sentiment Midi Dress, $99

4. Nora Ruffle Bodysuit in Sunflower, $58


Let us know which summer bright is your favorite!


Fig & WIllow