Ever feel like you have nothing to wear? That is us on the regular.  That is why we are all in on creating a capsule wardrobe that will make creating outfits easy and fun this Fall. It is all about curating pieces in your closet that work together in multiple ways.  Buying basic pieces you love are an easy way to find something that looks great quickly [and avoid trying on a thousand pieces before you leave the house].  A big tip is to stick with a color scheme you love. For example, some people prefer navy blue to black so they should build their basics in navy.  That way those basics will always match pieces they naturally gravitate towards like coats or sweaters. 

Here are the 5 essential buckets of items you will need in order to create your capsule wardrobe.  Remember to invest in these pieces as they will be your daily go-to items. 

1. Multiple Basics

Having multiple basics in the same color say white or black make styling you outfits super simple.  You know that you can always pair a white or black bodysuit when jeans for an effortless look.  Some other basic colors to invest in are grey, white/cream and navy.

How to build a capsule wardrobe for Fall 2021

2. Classic Denim

This is where you stick to the classic shapes and colors for jeans that you know look good on you time and time again.  You can invest in a good pair or two when you know it's ones that will never go out of style.  Some classics are a straight leg, skinny or boot cut in classic washes like dark, medium and black.  We know jean trends change [hello mom jeans] but wait to invest in those until you. know it's a "classic" look for you for the long haul. 

How to build a capsule wardrobe for Fall 2021

3. Pieces to Layer

The easiest way to elevate any simple outfit is to add a layer to it.  It honestly makes you look instantly chic without trying too hard.  The go-to classic layering pieces is a denim jacket.  They go with everything and add a cool vibe.  Some other pieces we love to layer are cardigans, shackets or flannel and kimonos. 

How to build a capsule wardrobe for Fall 2021

4. Versatile Dresses & Skirts

It's all about sticking to the neutral color palette for your capsule dresses and skirts.  When you have a simple black dress you can find 100 ways to style it through accessories or layering.  Same goes for a t-shirt dress.  One piece you might not have thought of us a midi or maxi skirt which we think is one of the most underrated multi-season items you can have.  You can basically wear them all year round!

How to build a capsule wardrobe for Fall 2021

5. Outfit Completers

This is where you can add more of your own unique style.  Having outfit completers that are "so you' make basic outfits instantly cool and more modern. Some accessories we love to complete a look are a neutral felt hat, bag, belt and of course a bralette you can wear under most of your basics [we love our bramis for this!]

How to build your capsule wardrobe for Fall 2021

Hope these tips help you create a capsule wardrobe that will have you feeling chic and organized when it comes to dressing.  Just remember style is all yours and to make everything your own!!


Fig & Willow