School is back in session and that means back to a morning routine that works for you and starts your day off on the right foot! Now, we know that morning routines look different for everyone especially with little ones that can, well, ya know, make it nearly impossible? The hope is that these morning routine tips are there to make your own and maybe one of them could change up your morning rituals for the better. 

The best advice we could ever give is to make these suggestions fit into your life the best way possible because what might work for you is the complete opposite of your next door neighbor.  We all want to be and look our best and that starts with a morning routine that has us out the door on the right foot each day!

10 Ways to Perfect Your Morning Routine:

1. Choose a time to wake up each day and don't hit the snooze button. This will allow your body to get used to the routine and your internal alarm clock will be your guide to waking up and not rushing off the bat each day.

2. Create a hierarchy of getting ready. Make sure you know what is the most important and least important task when getting ready and start at the top. This allows you to remove any mundane decision making so early in the AM.

3. Leave or do your morning tasks at the same time every day.  Your mind and body enjoys routine and rituals so doing your tasks at the same time every day allows for a rhythm and makes sure those tasks get done!

4. Get in some "YOU" time.  Whatever a self-care routine looks for you, make sure you set that time.  Maybe it's waking up 30 minutes early to enjoy a cup of coffee alone, or saving time to read or journal each morning.  Getting to connect with yourself each morning is a great way to start the day.

5. Multi-task your morning. This may sound weird, but accomplishing a couple things at a time makes you feel like a super start first thing in the morning.  For example, call a friend on the way to work, or listen to a podcast you enjoy while you get ready in the morning.

6. Keep your routine up on the weekend.  The weekend isn't the time to slack on your routine because remember, your body and mind enjoy routine.  You may not have to do your whole routine but waking up close to the same time, and enjoying that you time is just as important on the weekend.

7. Find time to stretch or move your body.  Maybe it's 5 minutes of yoga or a full blown gym session, whatever it is, movement in the morning is amazing!

8. Wait for some coffee and swap for something else.  You may stop reading after that suggestion and we get it but hear us out.  Your cortisol levels are high when you wake up and you might not even need that caffeine hit yet.  Save it for mid morning when those levels really decrease. A good swap? Warm water with lemon.

9. Set up barriers to help you, help yourself.  Barriers like, keeping the phone away from the bed so you don't scroll first thing in the morning or no checking email until after 9:30 AM.  Barriers help keep you and those around you in check so everyone can help each other keep up with their morning routine.

10. Start small and then add on as you go! Like we said in the beginning, it's all about making it work for YOU.  Pick one thing you think will really add to your morning in a positive way and then commit to that.  No need to dive all the way in with everything.  Just a few things can go a VERY long way.

Hope you love these tips to enhancing your morning routine and let us know what works for you each morning to start your day off right!


Fig & Willow