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Summer Picnic Outfit Ideas

Summer Picnic Outfit Ideas

Summer is nearly here and everyone is taking their gatherings to the great outdoors! We pulled together some of our favorite Summer picnic outfits that are perfect for every outing you find yourself in frolicking in nature. 


Summer Picnic Outfit Ideas

Beach picnics call for an outfit that is breezy and easy which is exactly what this lightweight tencel fabric dress would be perfect.

Bayside Dress, $64

Summer Picnic Outfit Ideas

When you are heading to a backyard BBQ and you want an effortless cute vibe just throw on a silky kimono over top your basic tee or tank.

Bohemian Tie Dye Kimono, $68Claire Shorts, $59

Summer Picnic Outfit Ideas

A cute tank top and shorts combo is the perfect outdoor picnic combo and this lightweight and airy tencel top is s cute paired with dark or white denim. 

Tencel Tube Top, $58, Claire Shorts, $59

Summer Picnic Outfit Ideas

An easy button down is perfect to take your beach picnic look from sand to drinks! Even better the button down blouse comes in four colors. 

Willow Button Down Blouse, $58

So, get out there and enjoy the great outdoors in style!


Fig & Willow


May 07, 2021 — H Q
Homemade Lemonade

Homemade Lemonade

Happy May! We cannot wait for Summer to officially be here but at least the Florida weather is starting to feel like it already.  To honor the new month and the great Summer ahead we are sharing our go-to Summer drink that never fails to refresh and taste amazing at the same time. 

Homemade Lemonade

Summer Refreshing Homemade Lemonade Recipe


  • 8 Large Meyers Lemons
  • 2 C. sugar or 1 1/4 C. Honey
  • 8 C. water
  • 1-2 Lemons sliced to garnish


  • Wash lemons thoroughly and roll until soft on a hard surface.
  • Slice the lemons and mash them in a bowl using a potato masher or wooden spoon along with the sugar until the sugar is dissolved. If you have time, place the lemon and sugar mixture in the fridge for 30 minutes to enhance the flavor.
  • Strain the sugar-lemon mixture into a measuring cup until you get 2 cups. If you do not have 2 cups worth, just add some more lemon juice to the mixture.
  • Add the sugar-lemon mixture to a pitcher filled with 8 cups of water. Mix and enjoy!
  • Garnish with lemons slices for an extra touch! 


Can't wait to make a pitcher of this perfect drink and relax outside this weekend!



April 29, 2021 — H Q
Top 5 Easy House Plants for a New Plant Mom

Top 5 Easy House Plants for a New Plant Mom

Ok, let us preface this by saying we are a group of women who LOVE fashion but do not have a green thumb in the slightest.  With that said we DO love ourselves some houseplants and have learned a few things about the ones that we love the most.  What better way to celebrate Earth day than by sharing our top five easy house plants for any new plant mom.

Snake Plant

Neutral home decor with a snake plant house plant.

These guys are so in right now for modern home decor and THANK GOODNESS! These are such an easy-care houseplant for sure because of the need to water them VERY sparingly. They prefer low light and being in pretty pots :).  

Peace Lily

Neutral home decor and an easy to maintain peace lily house plant

Most of the easiest plants for a new mom don't have blooms but the Peace Lily does and they are beautiful! The white flowers are such a pretty addition to the gorgeous green leaves of this plant. While the peace lily prefers warm, humid conditions, it can be made comfortable in your home, as long as you do not put in near drafts or in rooms that remain unheated for long periods.

Spider Plant

Home decor with a spider plant.

Spider plants just keep on giving. You rarely see a spider plant that doesn't have babies attached. Often grown in hanging baskets, spider plants will get 2 to 2 1/2 feet wide and 2 to 3 feet long. Their roots tend to fill a pot, so repotting may be necessary every couple of years. You can even replant the babies on their own when the little guys start to form roots!


Neutral modern home decor with pothos plant mantel decoration.

We love when a houseplant is nearly impossible to kill, enter, the Pothos plant. These guys are also very popular on shelves as decor right now for their cool looking trailing plants that just keep on growing, 10 ft. or more! They don't need too much watering and very tolerant of all types of light conditions, even artificial office lights. For decorating, you can let them trail down or secure them to support or trellis! 

Rubber Plant

Neutral modern home decor with rubber plant as the low maintenance plant.

Mover over fiddle leaf fig, there is a new gorgeous low maintenance girl in town and she's the Rubber Plant.  These plants can grow to impressive heights and yes, low maintenance is all that is required.  They enjoy bright indirect sunlight and need to be watered enough to keep the soil moist. Extra bonus to spritz it's leaves with water to keep the longevity really going!


What house plant is your favorite of the bunch??

Whatever it is, hope you treat yourself to a real houseplant and enjoy the positive effects a plant baby can have in your home this Earth Day. 


Fig & Willow

April 23, 2021 — H Q
Spring 2021 Bucket List Activities!

Spring 2021 Bucket List Activities!

April showers do bring May flowers but that doesn't mean we need to stay indoors all month waiting for the storms to pass! Get out there and enjoy the beautiful outdoors and show off your cute spring outfits!

We pulled together a Spring Bucket List of activities we love to enjoy when the weather warms up and Summer is on the horizon.  Feel free to download the sheet and use it as a guide for the next month when you hear yourself saying "I have nothing to do this weekend"!

Spring Bucket List 

Berry Picking

It's berry season and there is so much fun to be had picking your very own! Extra bonus for baking your own pie!

Attend a Baseball Game

Baseball stadiums are opening back up again but you could easily just check out a local team playing in a park near you.

Dine El Fresco

Date night makes it way outside. Pick a night and make a reservation for some outdoor dining you'll love.

Go Kayaking

The weather is heating up and before it gets to hot, try out some outdoor activities like kayaking or SUP.

Go for a Hike

Pick a trail you haven't done before and pack a picnic lunch to enjoy the great outdoors.

Paint Rocks

May sound strange but it's so much fun to create and then leave pretty acts of kindness or art around your hood.

Watch the Sunrise

Set the alarm, make a fresh cup of coffee and head out somewhere to enjoy the view of the sun rising.

Plant Herbs

We know you say you're going to plant some herbs every year and this year IS the year it's going to happen!

Tell us what your favorite spring time activity is to do?

Spring 2021 Bucket List Activities


Fig & Willow

April 15, 2021 — H Q
Wedding Guest Style Guide

Wedding Guest Style Guide

Can you hear the popping of champagne bottles and the chime of wedding bells in the distant?? 

Wedding season is here! That is why we have put together a wedding guest style guide so you can be the best dressed guest at every nuptials you find yourself at this year.

Beach Wedding

woman wearing a grey maxi dress for wedding guest style guide. Woman wearing a red floral maxi dress for a wedding guest style guide.

The most laid back locale is of course a beach wedding.  Shoes may not be required but a perfect dress is.  This is where you can put on a loose maxi dress in light fabrics to make sure you stay cool. 

Eva Maxi Dress, $72

Meadows Ruffled Maxi Dress, $68

Outdoor/Backyard Wedding

Woman wearing a blue polka dot midi dress for wedding guest style guide Woman wearing a bohemian orange and blue maxi dress for a wedding guest style guide.

Rustic outdoorsy weddings call for swingy florals and fun prints.  Pair your pick with some cute wedges and a natural fiber clutch and you will be sipping crafted cocktails in style all night long.

On the Spot Flare Dress, $68

Hot Henna Maxi Dress, $98

Cocktail Wedding

Woman wearing a red lace maxi dress for a wedding guest style guide woman wearing a black maxi dress for a wedding dress style guide.

Time to get fancy! Cocktail attire weddings are great because you can wear a short or long dress and not feel out of place with either option.  This is also great for richer fabrics like silks and chiffons you might not feel like wearing to an outdoor wedding.

Bohemian Maxi Slip Dress, $84

Beverly Slub Dress, $86

What type of wedding is your favorite to attend?? No matter your choice, Fig & Willow Boutique has the best wedding guest outfits to make you feel like the belle of the ball (after the bride of course).



Fig & Willow

April 08, 2021 — H Q
Easy Modern Easter Decorating Ideas

Easy Modern Easter Decorating Ideas

Ok, we are no Martha Stewarts over here which is why we often laugh about sharing any lifestyle tips that aren't fashion [our true love] related.  BUT we have a soft spot for Spring and finding ideas that make us want to pull out that craft box from the back of the closet and start hot gluing everything. 

Enter our Easy Modern Easter Decorating Ideas! We pulled together a few favorites we found that are first and foremost EASY as well as adorable. 



Modern Easter Table decorating idea

We are all about keeping it simple and chic when it comes to our decorating so the idea of a monochrome tablescape for Easter is right up our alley.  Love the crisp white used here but it would also look great with any pale blues or greens for an extra Spring vibe. 

How To: Monochrome Table Decorating 


Modern Easter Wreath Idea

Ok, so this gorgeous wreath looked complicated to us and then we looked into making it and WOW, even we could do it! The rainbow easter egg wreath is made from paper mache eggs and crepe paper!

How to:  Rainbow Easter Egg Wreath


Easy Easter Decorating Floral Wall with Washi Tape and Flowers

How cute is this floral wall?! We love even more how easy it is to create! Just pretty Washi tape and some of your favorite florals and BAM you have a wall you could create for Easter and any other fun gatherings this Spring and Summer.

How to: Washi Tape Wall


Easy Easter Egg Decorating Idea

Saw this photo and just had to immediately hard boil eggs and sharpie on some cute faces! It's as simple as that! 

Photo: Paige Cody


Hope these easy modern easter decorating ideas inspired you and from our little fam to yours, Happy Easter!



Fig & Willow

April 01, 2021 — H Q
🌸 Get Your Spring Wardrobe Ready! 🌸

🌸 Get Your Spring Wardrobe Ready! 🌸

Spring is here! We just launched our Spring Edit Collection and it is the BIGGEST collection we have launched.  With so many great Spring pieces we wanted to break down some of our favorites so you can revamp your Spring wardrobe after all that Spring closet cleaning you've done. 

Spring Tops 

We love Spring tops for all their gorgeous details! Our new off the shoulder tops are perfect for day drinks or night out.  The pastels and florals are great for any white denim jean outfits. Which top is your favorite?

Collection of Spring tops from Fig & Willow

Tops [Clockwise from top left]

1. Calla Off the Shoulder Blouse, $58

2. Allie Blouse, $68

3. My Muse Blouse, $48

4. Coconut Cream Floral Blouse, $68

5. Echo Grey Peasant Blouse, $58

6. Smith Smocked Stripe Top, $68


Spring Dresses

Spring was made for dresses.  Wether you like classic looks or a little boho vibe, we have your Easter Dress, Bridal and Baby Shower dresses ready to go!  Not sure what we love more, Maxi dresses or short dresses? What is your favorite?

Casual Spring Dresses from Fig & Willow Boutique

Dresses [Clockwise from top left]

1. Hot Henna Maxi Dress, $98

2. Beverly Slub Dress, $86

3. Bohemian Babydoll Mini Dress, $78

4. Beverly Cloud Tie Dye Dress, $89

5. Eva Maxi Dress, $72

6. On the Spot Flare Dress, $68


Spring Jumpsuits

Our favorite one-and-done Spring and Summer outfit is a jumpsuit! These new Spring jumpsuits are so cute, you'll be dressing them up and also wearing them around the house.  We love the new polka dot prints and Spring pastel colors that are in and can't wait to sport them all Spring and Summer long!

Spring jumpsuits and jumpsuit outfit ideas.

Jumpsuits [Clockwise from top left]

1. Allie Abstract Print Jumpsuit, $62

2. Blake Smocked Tencel Jumpsuit, $68

3. Jordan Linen Jumpsuit, $88

4. Finley Smocked Jumpsuit, $78

5. Jade Sleeveless Stripe Jumpsuit, $62

6. Allie Abstract Print Jumpsuit, $62


Hope you love our Spring favorites and they help get your Spring wardrobe ready! What Spring trends are you wearing this year?


Fig & Willow

March 26, 2021 — H Q
So Fresh and So Spring! Spring Event Outfit Ideas

So Fresh and So Spring! Spring Event Outfit Ideas

Spring is here and we are actually giddy for all the new Spring styles that launched this week!  Wether you are heading off on spring break or need an Easter outfit we have it covered.  Here are a few Spring outfit ideas that will give you a little "spring" in your step:


Girl wearing a white gauze top and high waisted wide leg chambray pants for Easter.

Easter Sunday Outfit Idea

We love this look for Easter and beyond.  It is so flattering with the high waisted wide legged pants cinching you in at the waist and the white gauze top is comfy and classic.  We honestly love any outfits that we know we can mix and match the pieces with so many other pieces in our wardrobe.

Clayton Gauze Muscle Tank, $48

Perry Wide Leg Pant, $58


Spring Break Vacation Outfit Idea

Girl wearing a dusty rose gauze tank top and cutoff high waisted shorts.

Cutoffs are a must have for your spring break wardrobe because you will definitely be wearing them 24/7 come Summer too!  Loving the high waisted fit of these light denim distressed pair.  Add some fun spring accessories and you are ready for those vacation drinks!

Clayton Gauze Muscle Tank, $48

Maeve Denim Shorts, $108


Spring Sporting Event Outfit Idea

girl wearing a white gauze muscle tank and high waisted cutoff denim shorts with JAX baseball hat and crossbody bag

This sporty Spring look is one of our favorites! It's so laid back cool and something you can make a Spring and Summer uniform.  We are big on finishing "the look" for outfits and this JAX baseball hat, cute Spring sneakers and bag do just that!

Clayton Gauze Muscle Tank, $48

Maeve Denim Shorts, $108

JAX Hat, $35


Spring Concert Outfit Idea

Girl wearing a "the band" muscle tank with chambray high waisted joggers

Concerts may not be back by Spring but we can dream a little right? Manifest them into existence perhaps? When they do come back be are ready with this cool "The Band" muscle tank and chambray joggers.  Perfect to stay comfy and cool all at the same time. 

Band Split Neck Tank, $48

Chandler Chambray Joggers, $64


Hope these looks help get you as excited for Spring as we are!!



Fig & Willow

March 18, 2021 — H Q
How to Style a Basic Tank Top

How to Style a Basic Tank Top

It's time to brush your shoulders off because Spring is here and that means it's tank top season! We love a classic simple white tank top a jeans look but if you want to mix it up a little bit, we pulled together a couple other looks to inspire you!

The classic simple tank top we are loving [and shown in all the photos below] is the Z Supply Skimmer Pocket Tank.  We love the light-weight material, cropped length, pocket detail and the colors! 

Woman wearing a grey tank top with a cream moto jacket ocer top Woman wearing a camo zsupply skimmer tank top and black skinny denim Woman wearing a Zsupply skimmer tank top in black with a denim jacket Woman wearing a white Zsupply Skimmer Tank with light skinny denim

1. Throw on a spring colored moto jacket! It will keep you warm on chilly Spring nights but looks great covering just your shoulders for a coffee date.

Z Supply Skimmer Pocket Tank in Black, $39

2. Mix up your denim! Black denim is one of our favorites to put on when we want to change up a look.  White denim will look great come Spring and Summer too!

Z Supply Skimmer Pocket Tank in Dusty Sage, $39

3. The classic denim jacket.  If you are a friend of Fig & Willow you know how much we love a denim jacket.  We think they look great with any casual look!

Z Supply Skimmer Pocket Tank in Charcoal, $39

4. Accessorize! Some open toe sandal heels and a cute bag can change up the whole look to take you from day to night.

Z Supply Skimmer Pocket Tank in White, $39



Fig & Willow

March 11, 2021 — H Q
5 Spring Wardrobe Essentials

5 Spring Wardrobe Essentials

The weather is warming up and we cannot wait to start wearing our favorite warm weather pieces.  If you are looking to spruce up your Spring wardrobe, here are a few essentials that will be perfect!

White Sneakers

Classic white sneakers

They are classic and so cute with little spring dresses, maxi skirts and this years new favorite, wide leg denim. 

Miranda Sneaker, $89

Ribbed Tank

Olive Green ribbed tank top

A ribbed tank is perfect for your spring wardrobe because it looks great by itself but so easy to layer on top of with a cardigan or denim jacket.

Sunview Tank, $48

Plain White Tee

Woman wearing white t-shirt and striped paperbag shorts

Every wardrobe needs a classic white tee for an easy go-to when you are looking to be casual but still feel chic.  You can also use them to layer over top or underneath any of your spring dresses!

The Pocket Tee, $34

Denim Jacket

Woman wearing a denim jacket, tie dye t-shirt and boyfriend jeans.

Spring is the perfect time for a denim jacket!  Pair yours over literally everything and you will look instantly chic. You could even drape it over your shoulders for another cool look.

Mix-It Up Denim Jacket, $68

Boyfriend Jeans

Friends wearing graphic wine tees with boyfriend jeans.

Boyfriend jeans and wide leg jeans in general are here to stay! Pair yours with a graphic tee and white sneakers. 

Kate Jeans, $74 

So many more adorable cute pieces coming to the shop soon! Let us know what you're looking for this Spring!


Fig & Willow

March 04, 2021 — H Q