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The Summer 'It" Drink: Texas Ranch Water

The Summer 'It" Drink: Texas Ranch Water

Have you also been hearing all about "Texas Ranch Water" this Summer?? While we don't like cheating on our standard cold glass of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, we figured it was time to test this "it drink" out.

Named after its home state of origin, the Texas Ranch water drink was created to beat the heat from the brutal Texas summer temperatures.  Feel like they nailed it because this drink is VERY refreshing.  The best part about a Texas Ranch Water recipe is it is beyond easy to make because it only has 3 ingredients! Trust us, if we can do it, ANYONE can do it.  Fool proof cocktail recipes [or any recipes in general] are our go-to. 


  • 1 - 2 ounces silver tequila [make it a good one like Herradura, Casamigos or Patron]
  • 4-8 ounces Topo Chico [make sure you use Topo Chico and not another brand]
  • Freshly squeezed lime juice
  • Lime wedges for decoration


  • Fill a glass to the top with ice (preferably crushed ice).
  • If you are using a short glass, add 1 - 1 1/2 oz. of tequila to the glass, if you are using a tall glass, add 1 1/2 - 2 oz. of tequila
  • Squeeze over the juice of half of a lime for a short glass, and a whole lime for a tall glass
  • Fill to the top with Topo Chico
  • Stir and enjoy!!
  • Add a lime wedge for looks :)

Don't mind us as we go head to the beach with this refreshing cocktail in our hand! Let us know if you try this or already love a good Texas Ranch Water drink!


Fig & Willow

July 27, 2021 — H Q
Behind the Scenes: Q&A with Owner Katie

Behind the Scenes: Q&A with Owner Katie

A few weeks ago I did a LIVE Q&A on Instagram with our Fig & Willow community and it was so fun to answer questions about upcoming fashion trend forecasts, how I choose what to buy for the store and even how it is like to open your own fashion boutique!

Creating this amazing Fig & Willow community has been the best part of opening this boutique five years ago and getting to answer questions from you was so much fun! Have more? Leave a comment!


Q: What gave you the idea to start Fig & Willow?

A: My history was in corporate retail. In high school I wanted to be a buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue.  I ended up being a buyer for Beales and Steinmart and it gave me great experience I needed. So, after I had my son in 2016, I didn't want to travel anymore.  Buying is a lot of traveling. So, I started Fig & Willow basically cause I wanted to do my own thing and while I didn't think I would open my own boutique, my husband encouraged me to do it! and now, here we are!


Q: Why the name Fig & Willow?

A: I am from Alaska and the state bird there is the Willow Ptarmigan so I always knew i always wanted Willow in the name but I wanted a two name boutique.  So, then i just word played with the word Willow.  I also needed to find something available for a website & instagram.


Q: What made you take the leap to start your own boutique? How hard was it for you?

A: I kind of blame it on hormones of having a baby.  I started the store on maternity leave and knew I wanted to be home with him more.  So, I just started and never looked back.  When I found the brick and mortar spot in Neptune Beach I knew it was meant to be. 


Q: How long did it take to feel confident about your business?

A: Still on-going! Once you have a year under your belt you have th knowledge and history to go off of that.  Helps get every season under your belt.


Q: How do you decide what to buy for the boutique? 

A: It's a numbers game! I thought as a buyer  was going to just go to fashion shows but its a lot of numbers.  You have to research what sold the week before, month before and even the year before that and you rebuy that.  Everything is in categories and you go off of the history and a little bit of gut feeling of upcoming trends or just cute things you think will do well. 


Q: How often do we do drops at the boutique?

A: Every Thursday! May even start doing Monday new arrivals too!


Q: What are some of your favorite brands to buy for the boutique?

A: Z Supply, Salt Waterluxe, & MINK PINK.  Lovestitch too! Pistola denim is also my favorite denim to buy for the store.


Q: When will you start getting Fall clothes in?

A: Fall is my favorite to buy for! Technically August is when Fall clothing starts to show up in stores but being in Florida we bring things in that look Fall but are more lightweight. 


Q: What trends are you seeing for Fall?

A: Shackets are back [YAY!} and of course plaid! 


Q: What is your favorite part of the photoshoots?

A; We do them weekly and love showing behind the scenes! My favorite part is coming up with the content ideas and seeing the clothes and outfits come to life! 


Q: Do you carry maternity dresses?

A: Yes! I always try to carry pieces that can be worn by my mama's to be! Some items are not exclusively maternity but perfect to be worn with a cute bump. We even have a bump friendly collection on the website for easy shopping!


Q: Where do you get your style inspiration?

A: It's all personal! Usually it's trying to find something that I want to wear personally or something I've seen showing up a lot. I don't really have any "no's" with fashion, I think you should wear what you love.


Q: How do you know what the next trend will be?

A: I don't! It's a guesstimate, but if I see a lot of the lines we carry start to have the same items, then it's a good sign that those pieces are going to be a trend. 


Loved answering your questions! Head to our instagram @figandwillowboutique to see more behind the scenes!



July 20, 2021 — H Q
Summer 2021 Fashion Trend: Ruffles

Summer 2021 Fashion Trend: Ruffles

Every Summer there are fashion trends that make the season something to remember.  While the 90's style is definitely back in a big way this year with wide leg pants, butterfly clips and jelly sandals all making appearances, there is also a major trend going on right now and that's RUFFLES! 

We are seeing the ruffle trend in everything. So many of our new arrivals have ruffles incorporated into their design, like tank tops, blouses, shirts and shorts! 

Ruffles are so fun to style with their flirty look.  We love pairing them with more masculine feeling pieces to off set the girly feel of the ruffles. Below we pulled together some of our favorite ruffle looks!

Summer 2021 Fashion Trend is ruffles


summer ruffle shorts

Shop HERE for the Ryan Ruffle Hem Linen Short

Canary yellow maxi dress with ruffle hem.

Shop HERE for the Sentiment Midi Dress

Woman wearing a ruffle sleeved tank top.

Shop HERE for the Dante Ruffle Sleeve Top

Woman wearing a white tank top with a ruffle sleeve detail.

Shop HERE for the My Muse Shirt

Woman wearing an orange tank top with ruffle sleeve detail.

Shop HERE for the Renna Ruffle Tank

Let us know what your favorite ruffle piece is in the looks we just showed.

Happy Summer!

Fig & Willow

July 12, 2021 — H Q
Summer Fridays: Quick 15 Minute Circuit Workout

Summer Fridays: Quick 15 Minute Circuit Workout

Summer is here and when you don't have a lot of time but still know a bathing suit is in your very near future you want a quick workout to get you feeling good! That's why we are so excited to have Health & Mindset Coach, Megan Thomas, share a quick 15 minute circuit workout she loves! 

Wether you are new to working out or a CrossFit Games athlete, this quick workout can be efficient and modified to your body. 

Going on your Summer vacation and going to be away from a gym? This is perfect for that too! Your bodyweight is enough to get the most out of this circuit. 


4 Moves | 60 Seconds Each | 3 Sets

  • Sumo Squat Jumps
  • Weighted Knee Driver [30 seconds each leg]
  • Skater Jumps
  • Front/Back Lunge [30 seconds each leg]
  • BONUS! 60 second high knees

Want to see the moves or modifications, watch the full 15 minute circuit workout video  here:

If you want to learn more you can find Megan Thomas, @itsmeganjthomas.

Try this workout and Tag us and Megan when you do!


Fig & Willow

July 06, 2021 — H Q
Summer Fridays: How to Take Care of Your Skin This Summer

Summer Fridays: How to Take Care of Your Skin This Summer

We have officially kicked off our Summer Fridays series where we put the spotlight on other Jacksonville small businesses to share fun "how to" videos on things that we love to talk about here behind the scenes. 

Of course, we had to bring up skin care and we connected with Rachel Brown at Skin Spa to go over how to best take care of our skin this Summer. Living in Florida, skin care and maintenance is so important since we are always in the sun. Definitely going to be following these skin care tips for the Summer.

1. Wear Sunscreen! This is nothing new of course but it is critical to keeping your skin looking youthful and not like a leathered football.  Simply find your favorite and put it on every morning. Don't forget to reapply it throughout the day as well!

2. Hyaluronic Acid. This water loving skincare booster is your very best friend in the Summer. It holds up to 1,000x its weight in water! You can add it to your current moisturizer or oils to help keep your skin feeling and looking youthful. Aloe is great for this too!

3. Hydrating Facial Mist. Throw a hydrating facial mist in your beach bag and spray it on your face throughout the day to keep your skin feeling dewy and hydrated throughout the day.  Bonus feature is it helps cool you off on those SUPER hot and muggy days.

4. Vitamin C Serum. Vitamin C serum is a double whammy of what your skin needs in the Summer; it's hydrating and anti-aging!  It's also great in the Summer because it gives you a brightening effect and helps produce collagen in a gentle way.

5. DRINK WATER! We know you hear it all the time but it's for good reason, my friend.  Water is not only good for your body but GREAT for your skin.

6. Wear a hat. When in doubt on if you need a hat or not. BRING THE HAT! How many times have you said "I didn't think it was going to be this sunny".  For us? Countless times and more often than not we have always needed a hat and it truly one of the easiest ways to defend your skin from that bright, shining sun.


Thank you to Rachel Brown from Skin Spa for sharing her favorite Summer skin care secrets and reminding us to take care of ourselves this Summer!

Check back in at @figandwillowboutique every Friday for our Summer series and the great takeovers we have coming!


Fig & Willow 


June 29, 2021 — H Q
Red, White + Cute: 4th of July Outfit Inspo

Red, White + Cute: 4th of July Outfit Inspo

Summer is officially [almost] here! Can you believe it? Feels like just yesterday we were sharing our favorite Memorial Day Weekend looks and now we are trying to figure out the cutest outfit ideas for July 4th.  

Wether you keep your July 4th celebrations simple with a backyard bbq or lavish with roof top fireworks watching, these outfit ideas will be the inspiration you need to look great and feel great celebrating!

Feeling Dressy: 4th of July Outfit Dresses

4th of July Outfit Ideas

* Clockwise from the top Left

Look One: Luna Color Block Dress, $52

Look Two: Violet Embroidered Summer Dress, $112

Look Three: Skip the Line Striped Dress, $68

Look Four: Parks Striped Ruffle Maxi Dress, $68

Keepin' it Casual: Casual Outfit Ideas in Red, White & Blue

4th of July Outfit Ideas

Look One: Heather Striped High Rise Denim, $74

Look Two: Parks Striped Ruffle Romper, $62

Look Three: Exuma Tie Dye Blouse, $68

Look Four: Hudson Padded Tie Dye Tank, $48

Laidback Girl: Super Casual Looks for 4th Fireworks

4th of July Outfit Ideas

Look One: #Merica Graphic Tee, $38

Look Two: Patriotic Kimono

Look Three: Red, White & Blue Graphic Tee, $38

Look Four: Star Spangled Hammered Graphic Tee, $38

 What kind of 4th of July plans are your favorite?? Shop all these options and more in our Red, White & Cute Collection!


Fig & Willow

June 16, 2021 — H Q
The Perfect Pair: Summer Shoe Addition

The Perfect Pair: Summer Shoe Addition

An outfit just isn't complete with out the perfect pair of shoes to pull together the look.  Wether it's a cool summer boot or a fun sandal, we have the perfect pairings of shoes and outfits to inspire your looks all Summer long!

Sneaker Slides + Distressed Denim

Perfect Summer Shoes and outfit inspiration.

A fun take on the classic sneaker slide, these Gradient Sneakers look great paired with distressed denim and a cool graphic tee.  They are also great to take with you to the gym and slide on [pun intended] for a coffee or brunch date.

Bright Slides + Matching Accessories

Perfect Summer Shoes and outfit inspiration.

Sometimes you just need a little pop of color to add some fun to an otherwise simple outfit like a white bodysuit and denim shorts.  We are loving the gorgeous orange color of these Cabana Slides and it's an added bonus they match this cute straw tote.  Definitely a beach to drinks look we can get onboard with.

Simple Sandal + Maxi Dress

Perfect Summer Shoes and outfit inspiration.

When wearing a bright colored maxi, keep your shoes simple and casual with a simple pair of sandals.  These Black Spot Pebble Sandal add a little bit of fun instead of a plain black pair. 

Summer Boot + T-Shirt Dress

Perfect Summer Shoes and outfit inspiration.

These Summer Preston Boots add instant cool factor to a simple t-shirt dress and can be easily worn from Summer into Fall.  The neutral color makes them versatile with your mini dresses of all colors and patterns.

Neutral Mule + Patterned Denim

Perfect Summer Shoes and outfit inspiration.

We honestly love a neutral Milo Mule all year long so we had to include them for our Summer looks.  They look great with patterned denim, like these striped jeans and help elongate the leg when worn with your favorite Summer mini dress.

Which perfect pairing is your favorite??


Fig & Willow

June 11, 2021 — H Q
The Summer 2021 Essentials List

The Summer 2021 Essentials List

Summer is almost here [and already feels like it here in Florida] and we finally have places to go and people to see! Summer fashion is some of the most fun with all the different silhouettes and options to mix and match. Stocking up on some staple Summer pieces will make it easy to update your wardrobe this season.  These Summer essentials are perfect for pulling together a Summer capsule wardrobe that is great for many Summer occasions and available at any budget! 


Summer 2021 Essentials List

Denim Shorts are the essential go-to Summer staple.  They come in so many different styles and washes that make them so easy to wear from day to night.  Some great styles out this season are high waisted, paperbag waisted or have sweet ruffle details. 

1. Mama Gene Denim Shorts, $52

2. Tied to the Max Denim Shorts, $34

3. Remi Denim Shorts, $52

4. Claire Shorts, $59

Summer 2021 Essentials List

Perfect for any occasion is the Summer staple White Dress.  It is so classic and crisp and comes in so many different styles.  We love the sweet details that are all over these pretty white dresses this season like crocheted flowers, embroidered long sleeves and flutter cap sleeves.  There is always one that fits the bill.

1. Flower Fields Tiered Maxi Dress, $62

2. Violet Embroidered Summer Dress, $112

3. Erin Shirt Smock Dress, $119

4. Sunday Dreamin' Maxi Dress, $88

Summer 2021 Essentials List

There are so many cute variations of this Summer essential classic. Wether you keep it classic or go for some with a pop of color, they make every outfit a beach ready look.  A Summer capsule wardrobe should definitely include one of these cute pairs.

1. Step into Sunshine Sandals, $32

2. Pebble Sandal, $32

3. Cabana Slide, $32

4. Cleo Espadrille Slide, $68


Summer 2021 Essentials List

Floral dresses aren't just for Spring. When you find the right Summer floral dresses you will always have go-to outfits for any event you need. With the silhouettes as cute as they are your Summer wardrobe will thank you for upgrading to these elevated looks.

1. Floral Babydoll Dress, $88

2. Spread of Joy Smocked Dress, $78

3. Brighton Floral Collared Dress, $78

4. Cali Floral Babydoll Dress, $88 

Summer 2021 Essentials List

The high waisted bikini is here and is definitely the quid-essential Summer 2021 must have.  They are so flattering on all body shapes and come in the coolest patterns and details.  Loving the ruffle details and the colors on all these swim looks. 

1. Strip Bikini in Amber Stripe, Top $44 & Bottom $35

2. Palms High Waisted Bikini,Top $28 and Bottom $26

3. Matty Striped High Waisted Bikini, Top $28 & Bottom $26

4. Ruffle Sleeve Bikini in Cherries, Top $44 & Bottom $35

Hope these looks give you some great inspiration to build your Summer capsule wardrobe or provide a great summer essentials guide to the pieces you will be living in all Summer long.


Fig & Willow

June 09, 2021 — H Q
Easy to Pack Cooler Snacks

Easy to Pack Cooler Snacks

The waves are calling and with Summer is around the corner and that means it's cooler packing time! We pulled together some easy to pack cooler snacks to make your next trip to the beach an easy one.  You know what also makes a trip to the beach easy?? A cute swimsuit.  Check out our perfect Summer 2021 swimwear

Hummus & Veggies

Easy to pack cooler snacks

This one is really about the container you use.  Grab a glass sectioned food container and place your hummus with veggies and pita together for an easy to pack healthy snack. 

Make your own veggie and hummus pack.

Fruit Kabob Skewers


As pretty as it is delicious, these rainbow fruit kabobs are such a cute way to make everyone in the family happy.  Love how easy these are to grab and go so you can have a quick snack in between beach walks. 

To make your own Fruit Kabobs.

Mason Jar Salads

easy to pack cooler snacks

Learning that the easiest way to eat out of an ice cold box is to place all your food in glass containers like these mason jar salads! Add your dressing our sauce at the bottom and then start layering your heartiest ingredients next and then work up to the most delicate. Honestly, you can't mess these up anyway you do it!

To make your own Mason Jar Salads.

Pinwheel Sandwiches

easy to pack cooler snacks

Pinwheel sandwiches are super easy to make and they pack like a dream. You can make some vegetarian or ham & cheese or even a PB & J. The options are endless with this snack idea and they are great to hold you over for long stays on the sand. 

To make your own pinwheel sandwiches.


easy to pack cooler snacks

The hardest recipe thus far, right?? HA! We just had to remind you that the easiest snack and party pleaser is just plain ol' watermelon slices.  Are you as big a fan of watermelon as us??

Hope these Easy to pack cooler snacks have you excited to spend your weekends out soaking up the sun.  If you need help dressing for your outings you know we got you covered.  Just shop here!


Fig & Willow 

June 01, 2021 — H Q
Backyard BBQ Outfit Ideas

Backyard BBQ Outfit Ideas

The weather is warming up and the backyard grills are getting fired up on the regular now so it is time for a round up of our favorite BBQ outfit ideas. Wether you are keeping it super casual or want to dress it up a little bit here are a few outfit combinations we love for time spent hanging with friends at home.

White Jeans + Tank + Slides

backyard bbq outfit ideas for white jeans and tank top.

White denim is perfect for a Summer BBQ because you can dress them up or down so easily.  For this look we dressed them up a little bit with neutral slides and a fedora.

White Dress + Espadrilles + Straw Hat

Backyard BBQ outfit ideas with white dresses

White dresses are the PERFECT summer staple so of course you need to have one for your next backyard hang.  We paired this sweet piece with espadrille slides, straw hat and added a pop of color with a summer worthy pop or orange purse.

Bodysuit + Striped Shorts + Neutral slides

Backyard BBQ Outfit Ideas with bodysuit and striped shorts

This look is perfect for a pool party.  This bodysuit is actually a one-piece off the shoulder swim suit! We love swim suits like this that can be worn as a part of an outfit.  We threw on a high rise striped loose short to stay comfy while hanging poolside.  The look is complete with neutral slides and a straw fedora. 

Cutoff Denim Shorts + Flowy Tank Top

Backyard BBQ outfit ideas with cutoff denim shorts and summer tank top.

You'll be ready to play any yard game in this comfy super summer look. High rise cut off denim shorts pair perfectly with a loose flowy floral top.  This look would look great with white tennis shoes or some tan slide sandals. 

Midi Skirt + Cropped Tank

Backyard BBQ outfit ideas with maxi skirt and tank top.

Love when a casual look can also feel luxe. This combination of a leopard midi skirt and cropped tank is great for the heat of the Summer by keeping you cool while looking chic. The look is complete with neutral slides and a straw fedora.

Cheers to many nights outdoors hanging out with friends! 


Fig & Willow

May 21, 2021 — H Q