A few weeks ago I did a LIVE Q&A on Instagram with our Fig & Willow community and it was so fun to answer questions about upcoming fashion trend forecasts, how I choose what to buy for the store and even how it is like to open your own fashion boutique!

Creating this amazing Fig & Willow community has been the best part of opening this boutique five years ago and getting to answer questions from you was so much fun! Have more? Leave a comment!


Q: What gave you the idea to start Fig & Willow?

A: My history was in corporate retail. In high school I wanted to be a buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue.  I ended up being a buyer for Beales and Steinmart and it gave me great experience I needed. So, after I had my son in 2016, I didn't want to travel anymore.  Buying is a lot of traveling. So, I started Fig & Willow basically cause I wanted to do my own thing and while I didn't think I would open my own boutique, my husband encouraged me to do it! and now, here we are!


Q: Why the name Fig & Willow?

A: I am from Alaska and the state bird there is the Willow Ptarmigan so I always knew i always wanted Willow in the name but I wanted a two name boutique.  So, then i just word played with the word Willow.  I also needed to find something available for a website & instagram.


Q: What made you take the leap to start your own boutique? How hard was it for you?

A: I kind of blame it on hormones of having a baby.  I started the store on maternity leave and knew I wanted to be home with him more.  So, I just started and never looked back.  When I found the brick and mortar spot in Neptune Beach I knew it was meant to be. 


Q: How long did it take to feel confident about your business?

A: Still on-going! Once you have a year under your belt you have th knowledge and history to go off of that.  Helps get every season under your belt.


Q: How do you decide what to buy for the boutique? 

A: It's a numbers game! I thought as a buyer  was going to just go to fashion shows but its a lot of numbers.  You have to research what sold the week before, month before and even the year before that and you rebuy that.  Everything is in categories and you go off of the history and a little bit of gut feeling of upcoming trends or just cute things you think will do well. 


Q: How often do we do drops at the boutique?

A: Every Thursday! May even start doing Monday new arrivals too!


Q: What are some of your favorite brands to buy for the boutique?

A: Z Supply, Salt Waterluxe, & MINK PINK.  Lovestitch too! Pistola denim is also my favorite denim to buy for the store.


Q: When will you start getting Fall clothes in?

A: Fall is my favorite to buy for! Technically August is when Fall clothing starts to show up in stores but being in Florida we bring things in that look Fall but are more lightweight. 


Q: What trends are you seeing for Fall?

A: Shackets are back [YAY!} and of course plaid! 


Q: What is your favorite part of the photoshoots?

A; We do them weekly and love showing behind the scenes! My favorite part is coming up with the content ideas and seeing the clothes and outfits come to life! 


Q: Do you carry maternity dresses?

A: Yes! I always try to carry pieces that can be worn by my mama's to be! Some items are not exclusively maternity but perfect to be worn with a cute bump. We even have a bump friendly collection on the website for easy shopping!


Q: Where do you get your style inspiration?

A: It's all personal! Usually it's trying to find something that I want to wear personally or something I've seen showing up a lot. I don't really have any "no's" with fashion, I think you should wear what you love.


Q: How do you know what the next trend will be?

A: I don't! It's a guesstimate, but if I see a lot of the lines we carry start to have the same items, then it's a good sign that those pieces are going to be a trend. 


Loved answering your questions! Head to our instagram @figandwillowboutique to see more behind the scenes!