You have most likely have heard of a “capsule wardrobe” by now [a collection of 15-20 pieces that you can style all together for endless outfit options] and one item that comes up time and time again is the Chambray Shirt.  Our opinion? YES!

The chambray shirt is like the Swiss army knife of clothes because it can help morph into whatever you need it to be to upgrade any casual style. 

Here are a few ways that we style our chambrays.

Woman wearing a Chambray shirt with skinny jeans outfit

1. Denim on Denim

This is a classic cool look that when done right looks casual but pretty darn chic if you ask us.  Pro Tip: Pick a chambray that is a different color then your denim.  So, if you are wearing a dark wash jean, then throw on a light wash chambray! 

Woman wearing a green t-shirt dress with a chambray shirt tied around her waist.

2. Tie it around your waist

Want an instant slimming trick?! Ok, that was silly...who doesn’t want that! Tie your chambray around your waist when wearing your favorite dress and BOOM instant waistline.

Woman wearing rust colored shorts with a white tee and a chambray shirt over top.

3. Layer it over an outfit like a sweater or light jacket

Wonder how some ladies always look so put together? It’s most likely layering.  When you add dimensions to your outfits it adds a more stylish tone.  That’s why layering a chambray over a tank top or t-shirt is a great way to up your casual outfit game.

The Chambray Shirt Pictured is our Ginger Chambray Shirt.  Did you like these tips? Let us know in the comments below!


Mandy Johnson