Cancel the reservations, hold the phones, we have some VERY FUN stay-at-home date night ideas that you and your honey or family can do this Valentine's Day! Wether you were already planning on staying in or you're just not sure you want to make the effort of leaving the house, these five date night ideas are ones that you'll want to repeat throughout the year [at least we think so]!

1. Theme Night

We love any reason really to dress up in a theme so why not do it for you and your boo? Pick any theme and go all out! How about an 80's night? Dress up in your finest 80's garb, watch an 80's movie. Most importantly, Have fun with it!

2. Go Camping

No need to go to the garage and pull out the real camping gear [unless you want to make it a real backyard camping night].  Our idea is to just go old school and make a tent out of pillows and blankets! Get all cozy and enjoy some homemade smores.

3. Film your own cooking show

Hear us out! How funny would it be to pretend you are Rachel Ray and Bobby Flay and film your own cooking show! Make the meal simple or hard just don't take yourself too seriously.  It will most likely be a video full of laughs and something you'll watch again and again.

4. Wine/Beer/Chocolate Tasting

No matter what you choose, make a tasting room of your own! Grab a handful of different options of your favorite food or drink and hold a taste test for you and your love.  Cast your votes on your favorites and see if you guys have the same taste! 

5. Belt it Out

Make it a karaoke night! Have each of you pick songs from different time periods in your life. Have fun singing and dancing down memory lane.  Pick songs that remind you of middle school, high school, college, a funny story, vacation, etc.  So many options to choose! You might even end up with a VERY fun playlist when you're done.

Hope these stay-at-home date night ideas inspire you to get creative this Valentine's Day! 

Sending you love and hugs!


Fig & Willow