Ok, we are no Martha Stewarts over here which is why we often laugh about sharing any lifestyle tips that aren't fashion [our true love] related.  BUT we have a soft spot for Spring and finding ideas that make us want to pull out that craft box from the back of the closet and start hot gluing everything. 

Enter our Easy Modern Easter Decorating Ideas! We pulled together a few favorites we found that are first and foremost EASY as well as adorable. 



Modern Easter Table decorating idea

We are all about keeping it simple and chic when it comes to our decorating so the idea of a monochrome tablescape for Easter is right up our alley.  Love the crisp white used here but it would also look great with any pale blues or greens for an extra Spring vibe. 

How To: Monochrome Table Decorating 


Modern Easter Wreath Idea

Ok, so this gorgeous wreath looked complicated to us and then we looked into making it and WOW, even we could do it! The rainbow easter egg wreath is made from paper mache eggs and crepe paper!

How to:  Rainbow Easter Egg Wreath


Easy Easter Decorating Floral Wall with Washi Tape and Flowers

How cute is this floral wall?! We love even more how easy it is to create! Just pretty Washi tape and some of your favorite florals and BAM you have a wall you could create for Easter and any other fun gatherings this Spring and Summer.

How to: Washi Tape Wall


Easy Easter Egg Decorating Idea

Saw this photo and just had to immediately hard boil eggs and sharpie on some cute faces! It's as simple as that! 

Photo: Paige Cody


Hope these easy modern easter decorating ideas inspired you and from our little fam to yours, Happy Easter!



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April 01, 2021 — H Q

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