Sweater weather is in full force [ok, for us down here in Florida, it just really got started] and we are so excited for the chic sweater trends we are seeing! Wether you are a lover of the classics or like to step out of the box with your style, the sweater trends this Fall will have you covered.  We are seeing a lot of cool details with fringe and pompom additions to sweaters and of course you can't go anywhere without seeing the sweater vest this Fall.  We pulled together some of our favorite chic sweater trends to wear this season!

Fringe Sweater

5 Chic Sweater Trends for this Fall

Fringe is in! Fringe sweaters may be our favorite trend this Fall season for how fun they are to wear. I mean how can you not have a good day when you are wearing a party on your sleeves?!

Colorful Sweater

5 Chic Sweater Trends to Wear this Fall

Fall colors have met their match with this bubblegum sweater dream. Browns and Tans don't have to be all you sport this Fall season. Instead throw on a great colorful piece that instantly uplifts any mood you are in. Trust us, a brightly colored sweater is a piece you will want to have on standby. 

Cropped Cardigan Sweater

5 Chic Sweater Trends to Wear this Fall

A cropped cardigan is so versatile and will be a sweater you reach for again and again this Fall.  The cropped length looks so good with your high rise jeans or high waisted maxi skirts.  You can wear it on or off the shoulder for two totally different looks as well. 

Color Block Sweater

5 Chic Sweater Trends to Wear this Fall

Colorblock sweaters are here and we love the varsity look it gives to a simple tee and jeans look.  We are loving the color pairings we are seeing this year too and can't wait to wear this trend all season long. 

Sweater Vests

5 Chic Sweater Trends to Wear this Fall

You of course are seeing sweater vests EVERYWHERE this Fall season and we are here for it.  You can wear them so many ways and find them in so many styles to match your own.  We like the look of wearing solo with a bralette, but come the colder months we will pair with a white button down or chic turtleneck underneath.  Do yourself a favor and get one immediately if not sooner. 

Cable Knit Sweater

5 Chic Sweater Trends to Wear this Fall

The classic cable knit sweater is that...a classic! It goes with everything and you feel instantly chic or like you are ready for a nice glass of wine by a toasty fire when you throw one on.  We love it in neutral shades like cream, brown and black but we have seen some colorful ones this season that are super fun to rock as well!

Duster Cardigan Sweater

5 Chic Sweater Trends to Wear this Fall

The Duster Cardigan is always on trend because it is such a great layering piece to have from Fall to Winter.  Wear it solo in the warmer Fall months and then underneath a long coat come winter for a very pulled together [and chic] look.

Turtleneck Sweater

5 Chic Sweater Trends to Wear this Fall

Another classic is back and it's always a winner.  Having a turtleneck sweater on hand is part of a staple Fall wardrobe.  It looks great under blazers, coats, even the new sweater vest you just got! If you keep the color classic you can really find many ways too style it!

Well, Happy kick off to the Holiday Season! Hope you enjoy this sweater weather before it gets chilly!!


Fig & Willow

November 03, 2021 — Fig & Willow

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