We know you've already been drinking pumpkin spice lattes for a few weeks now, so we are jumping on the Fall train with you and sharing the 5 Fall 2021 trends you need now! We love Fall fashion with the hats, boots and yummy knits and jackets.  This year isn't any different but there are a few new additions that we are excited to see in the lineup for Fall trends.  Some of them are definitely flash backs to our time in the 2000s fashion and some are fan favorites we've seen return over the last few years.

Fall 2021 Trend: Flare Leg Denim

5 Fall Trends for Fall 2021

The flare leg jean is back baby! This time around they have thankfully kept the much appreciated high rise [but just wait until that trend comes back around too]. This shape looks great with a bodysuit and open cardigan or an oversized sweater with a little front tuck.

Fall 2021 Trend: Sweater Vest

Fall 2021 Trends

The sweater vest has joined the flare leg for a resurgence in the Fall 2021 fashion trends.  They look great worn as a tank top in the early fall warm days but look so cute with a white button down underneath come winter.

Fall 2021 Trend: Quilted Jacket

Fall 2021 Trends

The quilted jacket was a big hit last Fall and has returned for another round of warm and cozy goodness.  We are loving the warm colors we are seeing this Fall 2021 like this rusty marigold version pictured. Such a cute layer to keep wearing into the winter months.

Fall 2021 Trend: Mixed Patterns

 Fall 2021 Trends

Flannel is getting a little pick me up with a mix of patterns this Fall.  We have been seeing lots of mixed material pieces and they are CUTE! Love this oversized flannel take on the mixed pattern trend but we also love it in moto jackets and sweaters too!

Fall 2021 Trend: Fall Florals

Fall 2021 Trends

Fall florals aren't anything earth shattering when it comes to Fall trends but this year they have really been catching our eye.  We have been loving the girly pieces like these maxi dresses that look so great paired with more sturdy pieces like booties and moto jackets. Turns the soft floral into a very "cool girl" vibe.

What Fall 2021 trends have you been seeing and loving?? Let us know in the comments!


Fig & Willow

Fig & Willow