Has it been a long week for you too? I'm assuming your answer is YES since you are here now :) 

Regardless of what is going on in the world, it is always important to have some fool proof ways to calm ourselves down in the face of anxious or stressful situations.  Here we have put together 10 tips/tricks that we use to remain level headed when things just aren't going our way...

1. Take a deep breath. When we get anxious or upset our breathing becomes more shallow and quick.  As soon as you notice this, stop, and inhale deeply and exhale slowly.  You'll feel an instant calm.

2. Listen to music. Put on some of your favorite music when you need an instant pick me up.

3. Get outside.  Changing your scenery and getting in nature allows your mind to escape from the current thoughts that are overwhelming you. 

4. Exercise.  Get your body moving and you'll feel the endorphins work wonders on your mental state.

5. Write it down. Whenever you feel worked up, writing out your thoughts allows you to get out all the negative energy and thoughts you have built up.  Once they are out, you can choose to leave them there and move forward with a clear and positive mind. 

6. Drop your shoulders.  Did you just do it? Works right?! When we are tense our shoulders start heading towards our ears.  Take a deep breath and drop your shoulders. This helps your posture too!

7. Take a warm bath.  Throw in some bubbles and light a candle to really make it feel like a spa. 

8. Meditate. Don't get intimidated if this isn't something you currently do.  Meditation can be as little as one minute.  The whole point is to sit still and be present in the moment and not think about the past or future.  Be in the moment!

9. Clean up the clutter.  More often than not, when you are anxious or feel out of control, your space will reflect that.  Set a timer for ten minutes and clean one area of your space.  It's amazing how much better we feel when our space is clutter free.

10. Practice gratitude.  Grab a piece of scrap paper and write down five things you are grateful for that happened to you in the last 24 hours. When we can become grateful for what we have, it becomes much more difficult to continue to gripe or be upset by other things.

Hope these help you like they have helped us! Let us know if you have any good tips that you live by to remain calm in stressful times!


The Fig & Willow Team

Mandy Johnson