It's a new year and with that we expected some BIG changes and well, it's all pretty much the same...or worse.  That's why we could all use some instant pick me ups in our arsenal.  Wether you are just having a bad day or something has set you down a spiral, these tips will be perfect on hand to turn that frown somewhat upside down. Bonus points: Write these on a sticky and put somewhere you can see daily as a reminder that you can control your thoughts and your mood. 

1. Listen to music. 

Make it calming classical or just dance it out to your favorite pop song.  Music is an instant mood booster and bonus points for throwing a dance move or two in there.  You won't regret it. 

2. Make a cozy space.

When your space feels cozy you will feel like you have a little safe haven from the world.  Light some candles, get a comfy blanket and make your space feel like a getaway from the outside world when you return home.

3. Play with your pet.

They are man's best friend for a reason! Take your dog for a walk or give your cat a little attention. You'd be surprised how quickly our furry friends can lift our mood.

4. Write down gratitude.

It is impossible to be angry when you are in gratitude.  Write down or say to yourself 5 things your are grateful for when you feel like you are down and out.  It is such a great reminder that you have so much going for you and little set backs won't stand in the way of you living your best life.

5. Meditate.

This sounds so intimidating but it's really not.  Just three deep breaths can be meditation. It's all about focusing on your breath and letting those negative thoughts float on by.  Kudos if you can up your game and meditate for 5 or more minutes a day.

6. Get dressed.

Before 2020 this wasn't even really a tip we needed to give, but trust us, throwing on a great outfit will instantly be a mood booster.  We have some great sweaters with POPs of color to literally brighten a dull day! 

7. Tidy Up.

Our space is often a reflection of how we feel.  Tidying up your space or at least one portion of it will help to start declutter the mind. 

8. Take a warm shower or bath.

Literally wash away the bad vibes by treating yourself to a nice warm shower or bath.  Make sure to tell yourself when you emerge that you will have a new outlook on the day.

9. Call a friend.

If we are feeling blah the last thing we want to do is to talk to someone but this is often what we need most.  Call up your bestie and let a vent session or just a good laugh make you feel better so you can move on with your day more positive. 

10. Act of Kindness

We get back what we put out in the world so if you are giving out kindness, kindness will find its way back to you.  If you find yourself in a bad mood, find someone you can help with a small act of kindness like holding a door, paying for a coffee and watch your mood instantly get better.

Hope these tips help make any day a good one.  Let us know if you have other mood boosting tips!


Fig & Willow